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 Your Mute Best Friend Admin request

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Your Mute Best Friend

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PostSubject: Your Mute Best Friend Admin request   Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:58 pm

In game Name: Your Mute Best Friend
Age: 15 but with the voice of a 30 year old >_>
When did you join the community : 9 or 12 months ago on a email fredrick300@live.com but forgot password lol
Why should you be admin: Had it before but lost it due to server crash and is loyal to zP working hard on being a admin only to zP
You ever donated : Yes still plan on it I dont want the server to go down again haha.
Do you have a microphone: Yes but only when NESSARY shall I speak for I am a mute in real life also
Did you ever get Banned or kick *(if you did why)*: nope.
How many hours per day do you play: 8+ possibley like on weekends. unless girlfriend/schoolwork happen to take time of course
Do you know most of the zm maps: Yup played all of em that were on the old zP server.
for example do you know the objectives for the following maps:(just reply YES/NO)
zm_countrytrain_b4: Yes
zm_gasdump_b4: Yes
zm_backwoods_b4: Yes
zm_crocodile_v6: Yes
zm_redqueen_b4: Yes
zm_winchester_prefinal: Yes
Steam ID: fredrick300
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Your Mute Best Friend Admin request
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