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 Bub the viking/Xarith admin request

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PostSubject: Bub the viking/Xarith admin request   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:29 am

In game Name: Xarith, or something along those lines. possibly Bub the Zombie
Age: 17
When did you join the community : you know damn well when. xD
Why should you be admin: look, i may have abused it in the past, but that was waaay back, when i was a complete asshole like snail. i promise this time i won't be too much of one, if i don't get server admin, i'm also willing to moderate the forums, i got nothin' better to do.
You ever donated : no, but i soon will, promised as well.
Do you have a microphone: yes. and a damn good one.
Did you ever get Banned or kick *(if you did why)*: yes, kicked, because we were dicking around as admins, was only for play, but i was threatened to be banned because of my asshattery.
How many hours per day do you play: as many as you need me to.
Do you know most of the zm maps: i know em all.
for example do you know the objectives for the following maps:(just reply YES/NO)
zm_countrytrain_b4: yes.
zm_gasdump_b4: yes.
zm_asylum_v1: yes.
zm_backwoods_b4: hmm this is my favorite, dunno if i know them though (sarcasm) yes.
zm_crocodile_v6: yes.
zm_redqueen_b4: yes. (fucking overplayed map...)
zm_winchester_prefinal: yes.
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:966629
-------------------------------^ lol, ain't i a lucky one?
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Bub the viking/Xarith admin request
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