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 DJTrickyM whitelist

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PostSubject: DJTrickyM whitelist   Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:48 pm

In game Name: l4dfanatic


When did you join the community :on steam, a while ago,maybe a month or two, on here a few hours ago

Why should you be in the white-list:because i love killing zombies, i think that this will be a good server, im hoping it will be more survival rather than a goal to make giant cities and buildings, which means thers nothing else to do afterwards.

You ever donated :nope, would if i could

Do you have a microphone: yes! but it stinks, ill get a new one soon.

Do you agree to the rules:yes!

How many hours per day do you play:if its summer vacation.....90% of the day....so about 15 hours...maybe less

Steam Username: DJTrickyM

also like zombie games!? im guessin u do...http://www.class3outbreak.com/
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Zombie Master
Zombie Master

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PostSubject: Re: DJTrickyM whitelist   Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:46 pm

Try connecting you are in the white-list
make sure to read the rules.

Download zm_beta_121_full.exe a Half-Life 2 Mod

Book reviewThe Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
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DJTrickyM whitelist
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